Stop Looking for a Backup Plan, It’s Hurting Your Chances

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Stop Looking for a Backup Plan for Medical School, It's Hurting Your Chances

Session 213

In this episode, I’m joined by Allison as we talk about our insights into choosing a major as a premed, and then we talk about the psychology behind having a plan B.

Having a backup plan can actually hurt your chances of getting into medical school and becoming a physician. So let’s talk about that.

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Tips for Picking a Major as a Premed

  • Study what you’re passionate about, and it will show in your grades.
  • Pick a major not just because your parents say so or medical schools view that major positively.
  • Explore areas you’re interested in. College is a great time to study other things you may not have the time to focus on later when you’re in medical school.
  • Many medical schools are looking for a diverse community of students with different backgrounds, different education, and different experiences.
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Should You Have a Plan B as a Premed?

  • Don’t have a backup plan when it comes to becoming a physician.
  • Psychology research suggests that having a plan B allows you to take your foot off the gas and accept the plan B if things get a little hard with your plan A. And if you’re trying to become a physician, plan A is really going to get hard.
  • Read the article “Having a Plan B Can Hurt Your Chances of Success.”
  • Being a physician is a calling, but you arrive at that choice by figuring out there’s nothing else that you want to do. If you have a plan B, then you haven’t been through that process yet.
  • Medicine has to be something you really want. Otherwise, you’ll likely get burned out.
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Some Advice for Premed Students

Plan B in life? Yes. But if you’re on this path to be a physician, be on this path. One path. No early exits. No breaks in the median for emergency vehicles to make U-turns. One track. Nothing else.

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