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Session 16

Session 16

What an opportunity we had for this session of The Medical School HQ Podcast! Dr. Muller, Dean for Medical Education at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (MSSM) took some time to go in-depth with us about FlexMed.

FlexMed is the newest iteration on what MSSM has had since 1987, HuMed. HuMed has allowed college sophomores and juniors to apply to MSSM and if accepted, skip the majority of the “normal” premed requirements. This includes not taking the MCAT! This has allowed the students to follow their passions in other areas, whether it be language, writing or something else.

Dr. Muller shares with us how FlexMed is taking everything they have learned from HuMed, and improving upon it moving forward. HuMed historically has been a 1/4 of the incoming class. FlexMed looks to have that increase to 1/2 of the class in the coming years.

In 2010 Dr. Muller and others published an article (link below) in the journal of Academic Medicine showing that, for the most part, HuMed students do just as well as “normal” premed students.

For interested students, listen to find out who the ideal applicant is for the FlexMed program.

One of the last questions I asked was if Dr. Muller thought that programs like FlexMed may help with future happiness in the medical profession, since the physician had some time to explore other interests along the way.

The FlexMed Application opens in Oct 2013 with acceptances sent June 2014.

Are you interested in this program? Let us know why below.

Links and Other Resources

2010 Published HuMed Article
Some criticism of the program
Wall Street Journal Article


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Fantastic — 5 stars

by JCR Music on Mar 6, 2013
This is such an informative podcast. I have really learned a lot while listening to this, and I feel that I understand the whole application process much better. Thanks so much for what you do!

Awesome !!!!!! — 5 stars

by Yvvvvvvfsgh on Feb 14, 2013
Great informative detailed interviews. More please!!!!! Stellar!

Great Podcast! — 5 stars

by on Feb 10, 2013
A lot of time and effort has gone into each and every one of these podcasts! They are very informative and I wish I had something like this when I first started out on my med school journey! Thank you for the great work and I look forward to each and every upcoming episode!

Great Info — 5 stars

by medjunkie on Feb 6, 2013
Very useful info esp. for students just starting the college.

Best podcast for med school info! — 5 stars

by Jabby25 on Jan 27, 2013
Hands down this is the best that I have listened to in a long time. As a 25 year old, starting the beginning of my pre-med journey; this podcast has given more information then my own advisor has given me. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who is even considering the crazy ride to med school.

Superlative! — 5 stars

by burgundy19 on Jan 13, 2013
There is no better podcast for aspiring physicians. If you have questions to ask, Dr. Gray is quick to respond and takes the time to fully and comprehensibly answer your question.

Super informative! — 5 stars

by smirkieface on Jan 10, 2013
So far the podcasts are very spread out and cover a lot of fields. Everything is very informative and holds truth. Thank you!

Helpful — 5 stars

by Amberlynnp13 on Dec 31, 2012
I am a RN looking to get into medical school.. I am 24 and working on my bachelor’s degree. I want to be a physician but I am not sure where to start. This podcast was pretty helpful. I wish they made more..

This is awesome — 5 stars

by LaraCReads on Dec 29, 2012
This podcast is highly informative and interesting. The host is very personable, honest, and helpful.

Informative and Helpful — 5 stars

by Julesx7d7 on Dec 24, 2012
I have yet to come across a podcast that is this specific and geared toward the premed student. Unbiased and up to date information. I highly recommend this podcast.

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