The ShortCoat Podcast: Doubts, Needles, and Measles

Original Article: Doubts, Needles, and Measles Listener Jen sent an email to [email protected] asking M4 Irisa Mahaparn, and M1s Nick Lind and Madeline Slater about the doubts they’ve experienced in their journey through medical education. Oh, Jen. The doubts they have experienced! We discuss them, along with the sources of doubt and how they are learning…

Where to Get Letters of Recommendation As A Nontrad

Session 165 Who should write your letters of rec as a nontrad? Your boss? Your undergrad professors? Or your prereq science professors? Here is everything you need to know! Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Shows Leave us a Review and Rating! Just like Yelp reviews or IMDB ratings help you choose your…

How Do International Medical Graduates Practice in the US?

Session 325 When you go to an international med school, including the Caribbean, there are many steps you must take to practice in the US, including going through ECFMG. Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

Biggest Mistakes Students Make When Studying for the Boards

Session 04 Every year med students around the world prepare for their boards. Many of those students are making mistakes preparing for USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1. Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

A Look Into Academic Endocrinology and Thyroid Medicine

Session 82 Dr. Brittany Henderson is a former academic Endocrinologist, just switching to private practice and today she discusses her specialty, what she loves, and more. Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

Next Step Full Length 10, Bio/Biochem Discretes 4

Session 132 We’re on the last part of bio/biochem and we’re finishing up with a set of discrete questions. Follow along in the show notes at Full show notes coming soon! Click Here to Download Handout Get the Podcast Free! Listen to Other Shows Leave us a Review and Rating! Just like Yelp reviews…

The ShortCoat Podcast: MD/PhD admissions and Shadowing Strategies

Original Article: MD/PhD admissions and Shadowing Strategies Listener Renee writes in to ask Aditi Patel, Maddie Mix, Nick Lind, and guest Dr. John Pienta whether she can legitimately hope for admission to an MD/PhD program without a strong science background.  Luckily, Maddie rolls MSTP style, so she helps us answer.  Another listener, Sarah, wrote to us…

Next Step Full Length 10, Bio/Biochem Passage 10

Session 131 Passage 10 of Bio/Biochem is about a research study looking at the activity of membrane proteins in three different cell types. Once again, we’re joined by Clara from Next Step Test Prep as we dig into the last batch of the Bio/Biochem passages. Click Here to Download Handout [03:30] Passage 10 A research…

Free Summer Programs for Premed Students through SHPEP

Session 324 SHPEP, or the Summer Health Professions Education Program, is a free summer program for underrepresented premed students at twelve locations throughout the U.S. Today, we have Chantez Bailey and Dr. Norma Poll-Hunter. from SHPEP to share knowledge about this program, why it was started, and so much more. If you’re interested in applying…

How To Provide For Your Family As A Premed

Session 164 Undergrad is costly, medical school is even more costly. How do you ensure you can provide for your family throughout this journey? Here is how to plan ahead. The questions answered here are pulled directly from the posts over at the Nontrad Premed Forum. [01:22] OldPreMeds Question of the Week: “I am 23…

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