USMLE and COMLEX Prep: Side Effects of Diabetes Medications

Session 08 Step 1 and Level 1 love to test the mechanisms or side effects of medications that treat diabetes. Follow along to test your knowledge of diabetic medications! Full show notes comin Listen to Other Episodes

Next Step Full Length 10, Psych/Soc Passage 2

Session 135 We tackle Passage 2 that is all about external locus of control with migrants! Follow along with the handout on our blog post to hone your psych/soc skills! Full show notes coming soon! Click Here to Download Handout Get the Podcast Free! Listen to Other Shows Leave us a Review and Rating! Just…

USMLE and COMLEX Prep: Application of Biochemistry

Session 07 We often associate biochemistry with undergrad, but biochemistry is present in many specialties! Let’s dive into the types of biochem questions you may see! Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

This Student Was Her Own Advocate and Earned Two Acceptances

Session 328 Janet is a nurse who switched to the premed path a few years ago. Listen to how she overcame a 499 on the MCAT and advocated for herself during the application process! Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

An Academic Cardiologist Shares His Specialty

Session 85 Dr. Dave Winchester, a fellow Gator, joins me today to talk about why he chose academic Cardiology, how Cardiology is changing, and why he enjoys what he does! Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

Is Geoengineering Unavoidable? Using Our CARS Skills!

Session 20 Geoengineering concerns scientists, climate change does as well. Use your MCAT CARS Skills to see if you can find the main point regarding geoengineering! Full show notes coming soon! Listen to Other Episodes

Cardiac Electrophysiology—What is it?

Session 84 Dr. Edward Schloss joined me to talk about his journey to Cardiac Electrophysiology, what 17 years in the field looks like, and his likes and dislikes of his specialty. If you’re a premed student, go check out all our other resources on MedEd Media Network. If you’re a medical student, go check out…

USMLE and COMLEX Prep: 60 y/o Male with a Murmur

Session 06 Today, we start our board content. We thought that there is no better way to start than with the heart. As always, I’m joined by Dr. Andrea Paul from Board Vitals, a company that helps you with your board prep. They feature an amazing QBank and software platform to help you maximize your…

Where Do You Place Clinical Research in the EC Categories?

Session 167 Today’s poster is from a student with a ton of questions mostly on research, volunteering, and courses. We specifically take questions from the Nontrad Premed Forum. If you haven’t yet, please be sure to sign up for an account today so you can join a collaborative community of like-minded students gearing up on…

Next Step Full Length 10, Psych/Soc Passage 1

Session 134 As always, I am joined by Clara from Next Step Test Prep, and we are diving into the last section of the MCAT here on Next Step Test Prep Full Length 10, psych/soc passage one. You aren’t going to see as many acronyms and protein and enzyme names and really academic journal type…

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