Your Premed GPA Is More Than Your Premed GPA

Your Premed GPA Is More Than Your Premed GPA

Session 3 Today we answer a question from a nontraditional student with a low GPA who wants to apply to medical school. In answering the question, we discuss how medical…

Introduction to the OldPreMeds Podcast

In this episode, Ryan introduces the OldPreMeds podcast, which you can find at Take a listen!

How Old Is Too Old to Start Medical School?

[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”How Old is Too Old to Start Medical School” ] You’re Not Too Old for Medical School. If you’re above the traditional age for medical students, you might…

Introduction to the OldPreMeds Podcast

Session 1 [smart_track_player url=”″ title=”Introduction to the OldPreMeds Podcast” ] Welcome to the inaugural episode of the OldPreMeds Podcast! is a site dedicated to nontraditional premed and medical students.…

2015 Year in Review

Ryan goes through the big changes in 2015 and talks about the top 7 podcast episodes of the year.

5 Biggest Medical School Personal Statement Mistakes

Ryan discusses the 5 most common mistakes he sees when reviewing personal statements. One of the most common is not giving yourself enough time. Take a listen!

How a Liberal Arts Degree as a Premed Might be the Best One

Ryan is joined by Dr. Adele Wolfson, a biochemistry professor at Wellesley College. They discuss the liberal arts and how beneficial they can be to everything!

Premed Q&A – PA vs MD or DO, What are my Chances and More

Allison and Ryan answer questions sent in from listeners like you! We talk about the HPSP scholarship, "what are my chances?" and talk about our new projects!

Why Physicians Are Struggling with Happiness with Dr. Barrett

Dr. Paddy Barrett is a physician and host of The Doctor Paradox podcast where he digs into why physicians are struggling staying happy in an amazing profession.

From Not Knowing what a DO was, to now being a DO student!

Amanda shares her story of wanting to be a PA, to learning what a DO physicain is and her journey to now being a first year osteopathic medical student.