Caribbean Medical Schools

it has it's challenges


President of His Caribbean Med School Class to Failed Match

Session 292 Dr. Yousuf is starting his Emergency Medicine residency after failing to match. Learn from his failures and triumphs…

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Rejected From the Caribbean! Now with a US Acceptance!

Session¬†230 Chad, a 32-year-old student, shares his story about struggling with undergrad as he needed to work, being rejected from…

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The Journey to a Caribbean Medical School

We talk with Jered Weinstock, a 3rd year Caribbean Medical Student, about his path to attending a AUC and some of the challenges he has faced along the way.

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Caribbean Medical School Interview Questions

We already covered a Top 10 Tips for the Medical School Interview. Review that if you haven’t already The Caribbean…

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Caribbean Medical Schools – What You Need to Know

Welcome to the Caribbean! One of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

Welcome to medical school! One of the most rigorous experiences in your life.
Two separate statements. When standing on their own, they are both true. When put together though, does the Caribbean make medical school a vacation?
There are currently 60 Caribbean medical schools that you can attend, as of 2011. One might think that this vastly increases your chance of being a doctor since there are only 137 M.D. and 26 D.O. medical schools in the U.S. You must understand that these schools are not all up to the standards of U.S. schools, although there are a few well known schools that have been graduating medical students for some time now, who are now successful physicians practicing all over the country.

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