MedicalSchoolHQ App Review – Epocrates iPhone App

Medical School HQ App Reviews: exists to help both future medical students and current medical students.  To help the later, we decided that medical mobile app reviews would be very helpful.  Knowing exactly what you are getting, before pushing “BUY,” might help you save a few dollars.  Having reviews by physicians give you honest, relevant insight into app information and usability.


Epocrates® is probably one of the first apps that medical students install on their mobile device, because it’s free and relatively good.

Watch the video below for the full review!

One thing that is mentioned at the beginning screen, but isn’t said later:

The app always seems to need to update at the worst times, typically when you really need to order a medication and you don’t have a data signal.  If you are using this app, please make sure that you update it on a regular basis.