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Session 09

Session 9

In today’s episode, Ryan talks with Ryan Nguyen, a 1st year medical student at Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific. He now blogs at, a premed blog that provides a wealth of information about the admissions process.

First, Ryan answers a question from a listener regarding going to medical school in a foreign country because it would be free while doing his practice in the US.

Here are some of Ryan’s thoughts:

  • Going to a foreign medical school should not be your first choice
  • Coming back to the US to do a residency is extremely difficult
  • Don’t worry about the money. Thousands of student graduate every year with tons of debt but they’re able to pay off.
  • The fear of debt should not be a reason to go to medical school abroad where tuition is free
  • Live like a student now so you can live like a doctor later, not vice versa.

Moving onto the discussion, Ryan shares his experiences transitioning from undergrad to medical student, studying 8 hours a day, how his undergrad classes helped him in medical school, and his medical school application journey. The show also touches a little on their thoughts on a 3-year medical school curriculum.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Ryan:

Ryan’s path to medical school:

  • Adjusting to the volume and pace of medical school
  • Contrast between undergrad and medical school
  • Studying 6-8 hours a day
  • Majoring in microbiology

Thoughts on 3-year medical school curriculum:

  • An interesting experiment
  • A nontraditional premed may be able to handle the workload
  • Dr. Ryan Gray thinks it should even be 5 years

The importance of taking breaks:

  • A time to decompress
  • To keep you mentally refreshed

How he came to blogging:

  • Having gotten inspired by other inspiring blogs
  • Initially experimenting on his posts
  • Finding his niche in documenting the application process
  • Being able to network with other people on healthcare and social media
  • Started when he was a premed
  • Created when he got to medical school

Ryan’s MCAT Prep:

  • Making MCAT as your number one concern
  • Taking the Kaplan MCAT course
  • Ryan’s peers used Examkrackers a lot and they did well
  • Learning the small tricks along the way
  • Ryan delayed taking the exam to make sure he was ready to take it
  • Taking the practice test once every few weeks
  • Relax 2-3 days before the exam (Something Ryan didn’t do but highly recommends it)
  • Getting a 30 on the MCAT

MD vs. DO schools:

  • Applying broadly to 30 MD and DO schools (half-half)
  • 8-9 interview requests and going to 6 of them

MCAT mental tricks:

  • Do the practice test the same way you’d take the actual test.
  • Approach it as a game.
  • Don’t memorize everything but understand the concepts and know how to apply the different concepts to the questions.

Systems-based vs. traditional learning:

  • Western U doing traditional and systems-based
  • Systems-based learning helps you integrate all information together at one time instead of taking courses separately

Some pieces of advice for premed students:

  • Don’t be afraid to go after things if you really want them.
  • There are so many outlets you can pursue to reinvigorate something and make something that makes it all worth it.

Links and Other Resources: (Study Hacks)

Examkrackers books

Kaplan MCAT Course

Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy

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