Interview with Dean of UCF College of Medicine

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Session 13Interview with Dean of UCF College of Medicine

Today, I talk with Dr. Deborah German, the Dean of the University of Central Florida College of Medicine (UCF COM). UCF COM was the first allopathic medical school to be built from the ground up in the U.S. in almost 30 years.

In this episode, Dr. Deborah German and I discuss Lake Nona Medical City, the types of students UCF is looking for, and having the passion to really do what you love.

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What is the UCF College of Medicine Looking for in Students?

  • Striving for excellence
  • A heart for medicine
  • Pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit
  • Spirit of inquiry and curiosity about medicine
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Willingness to put themselves aside for the needs of another

All About Lake Nona Medical City

UCF College of Medicine Current Progress

  • UCF doing better than half of the medical schools across the country on USMLE
  • Students doing international trips
  • New online medical journal Cureus
  • UCF winning global competition for student research for medical students, residents, and graduate students
  • Full accreditation
UCF College of Medicine is already doing better than half of medical schools across the country on USMLE scores.Click To Tweet

Curriculum at UCF College of Medicine

  • Integrated curriculum
  • Clinical work starting in the first year
  • Basic and clinical science throughout all 4 years
  • Research required of every student (in the first two years)
  • Use of technology to assist education for students
    • simulation, virtual patients, standardized patients, live patient interaction, assessment system

UCF College of Medicine Admissions

  • Admitting 120 medical students in the fall

Reasons for the Rise of New Medical Schools

  • To address health care needs nationally
    • Scarcity of physicians
  • Economic driver for communities

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3 Categories of Dreamers that Lay the Foundation of UCF College of Medicine

  1. Mother Teresa: Taking care of people
  2. Nobel Prize Winners: Curing cancer, eliminating obesity, or eradicating infectious diseases
  3. Surgeon General: Global health, healthcare reform, and health disparities

Dr. Deborah German’s Advice to Premeds Struggling with Poor Grades

You have to show that you’re committed to medical school and the rigorous academic load that comes with it. And that commitment has to come across in your grades from the last couple of years.

You have to show with your grades that you are committed to medical school and the rigorous academic load that comes with it.Click To Tweet

If you need to, consider taking a Master’s degree in the hard sciences (like an SMP) to further demonstrate that you’re prepared for and capable of handling a rigorous course load.

Advice for High School Seniors and Premed Students

If you love medicine, give it everything you have. If you don’t feel like you can, then think about that.

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