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Session 34

Session 34

Update – Marteney got into medical school! Check out the quick update here.

In this episode, Ryan talks with Marteney, otherwise known as @premedprincess_ on Twitter with over 9,000 followers and spreading the premed gospel on Twitter.

She shares with us her experience going through the premed process, her premed path, why she did not #RespectTheMCAT, and how she corrected the course. Marteney also shares how she’s helping other premed students by giving a lot of encouragement and motivation.

As premeds, you need to understand that MCAT is a test like no other. It is a beast that challenges your thinking ability running for 4-5 hours. It’s not a test of knowledge but a test to see how well you can take tests. But it’s not a hurdle you can’t surpass as long as you come very well-prepared.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Marteney:

Marteney’s premed path:

  • Taking anatomy in high school and loving it ever since
  • Volunteering and shadowing experiences
  • College years majoring in Biology
  • Participating in sports in high school and college

Marteney’s experience with the MCAT:

  • Not knowing about MCAT until junior year without any premed program in their undergrad
  • Not taking any prep courses and just bought the first MCAT test prep book she found at their local bookstore
  • Studying the MCAT only days before test date

Retaking the MCAT:

  • Scheduling another date with only two months to study
  • Not studying enough for the second one, taking only one practice test

Applying to medical school:

  • Not knowing what really a DO was and applying late and now being wait listed
  • Applying to 3 MD and 1 DO schools all in her state (on her first application)
  • Now applying to 6 DO schools and 2 MD schools

Retaking the MCAT a third time:

  • Examkrackers
  • Doing practice test once a week simulating real conditions (back to back to back)

Being @premedprincess_:

  • Almost a year since the account began with now almost 10,000 followers
  • Getting good feedback
  • Setting up an email account so students can contact her and ask her any questions
  • Creating the ask.fm account where they can ask questions
  • Sharing her experiences so other premeds can learn too

Some pieces of advice for premed students:

It’s never too early to start preparing for the MCAT. Practice, practice, practice. Examkrackers, Kaplan, Princeton Review – whatever suits you.

Take MCAT in the Spring of your Junior year to allow you to get your score back before you apply. In case, you don’t do as well as you wanted then you can re-think submitting the applications.

Don’t count out DO schools. Consider applying to both MD and DO schools.

Apply to as many school as you can. Every school looks for something different in an applicant as they try to piece together the perfect community of students to make up their class for that year.

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