MSHQ 131 : Don’t Give Up Just Because Someone Says It’s “Different Now”

Session 131

Session 131

In today's episode, Ryan and Allison talk about a great article on KevinMD which they ran into while looking for a topic for the podcast (which meant reading for hours). Allison was shocked at finding so many articles about a ton of medical students leaving medical school and who leave the medical school disgruntled and upset.

Ryan and Allison specifically tackle the article Leaving Medical School for a Startup. And With No Regrets written by Gina Siddiqui a former medical student. They feel too strongly about talking about this considering many listeners of this podcast are premeds who are about to step into medical school or eagerly trying to get into medical school to start on their journey and so the podcast seeks to continue to try to impart to listeners that this is well-worth doing and believing in and not worth giving up on.

Here are the highlights of the conversation:

Things about the article that were pointed out:

Ryan & Allison's take:

  • Change is inevitable.
  • Embrace the future. Embrace the now. Deal with the fact that things have changed.
  • It's biased.
  • If you want to go to medical school to help people then go do something else. There has to be something more than helping the community and making a difference.
  • Doing other tasks (cleaning the floor, carrying a carton of urine, etc.) is part of learning the system, especially learning humility. They all serve a purpose. It's all about paying your dues.
  • As physicians, we are set up from Day 1 in a hierarchical structure to start at the bottom and learn and work our way up.
  • Book on history of residency training: Started on unpaid internship
  • Just 12% of your time of being with the patient should not shake the core foundation of who you are and who you want to be and your dream to practice medicine. Brush it off and march forward.
  • Stay true to who you are and don’t let these things shake you.

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  • Moe Moe

    Chiming in here as the Mom of the 9th grade high schooler who is now in the 11th grade
    This podcast was AWESOME! David has been told to become an RN or a NP and skip the medical school debt because he will never be able to pay it back with the way things are going in reimbursment. I have been taken aside by physicians and told to get him out now, don’t foster this desire, do everything I can do to change his mind and to convince him to do something else. At first it really shook me to the core as a mother in thinking that they were right (this is where you guys come in to calm my fears!).

    Now as I have gotten to know more and more physicians, I start to see some choices that they have made in their own careers and personal lives that might be leading them to these conclusions and why they have lost their drive and passion for medicine. One main thing came from our family friend who is a physician, BEFORE you go to medical school learn budgeting and delayed gratification because when you start your practice you will make what feels like an unbelievable amount of $$ and you will be working along side other doctors that have lots of toys, fancy homes and cars. However, you need to focus on paying off your debt and doing the work you love. Instead of getting all that stuff and then 15 years down the line freaking out trying to pickup extra ER shifts at outlying hospitals (missing more family time) so you can pay off your student loans.

    Yes, I too hear all about the computer being the doctor’s time waster, but when I talk with residents it’s just their way of life and they work it out all together for the good of the patient. I tend to think that the younger crop of doctors are a bit more tech minded and the computer has just always been a way of life.

    I think it’s true that people do not want to change and change is hard. I tell David to remember that it’s all crazy right now because it’s all new and keeps changing as they try to find what works best. But by the time he applies to medical school in 5 years it will all have come full circle, people will have calmed down and there should be a better handle on the newness of the Affordable Care Act and all that goes along with it.

    You two are GREAT!

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