Celebrating 150 Episodes! What We’ve Learned

Session 150

Session 150

In this episode, Ryan starts the episode off with reciting the Hippocratic Oath, which they’re committed to recite every 50th episode.

Today, Allison joins Ryan on the podcast, joining forces together as MSHQ marks its 150th episode talking about the things they’ve learned so far and how they’ve applied them.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Ryan and Allison:

The angst among physicians today

Medicine has not changed over the years but the things around us have

The need to be good healers amidst the bureaucracies

Allison’s favorites:

  • Hearing from other people about their challenges and overcoming them
  • The 15 people from The Academy who got into medical school.

Ryan’s picks:

  • The relationship he has built with the podcast listeners, the episode guests, and the academy members
  • Reading the reviews on iTunes

Cheers to 150 episodes and more!

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