Postbac Interview Questions and Resumes for Med School

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Session 103

What types of questions will postbac programs ask during your interview and how should you format your resume? These are the questions we cover today.

We take questions directly from the forums and answer them here on this podcast. For more resources, listen to all our other podcasts on MedEd Media.

[01:05] Postbac Interview Questions

Question #1: “I’m a nontraditional student applying for postbac programs. I was wondering if anybody could share interview questions they received during the postbac interview.”

[Tweet “”The medical school interview and the postbac interview are very, very, very similar.””]

In a postbac interview, they’re going to ask you why you want to be a doctor. They’re going to ask you why you’re interested in their program. As well, they’re going to ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. They’re also going to ask you about your challenges and failures and so on.

It’s a standard interview for an institution to figure out who you are and whether you’re going to be a match to their class. If they do accept you, they want to know that you really want to be a physician.

Especially for postbac programs where a lot of students are coming in as career-changers. Are you just running away from one career and trying to find another one? Or are you truly being drawn to medicine for one reason or another? So be prepared to answer all those questions.

My book, The Premed Playbook: Guide to the Medical School Interview will help you with that.

[02:30] Formatting Your Resume

Question #2: “Coming from a different industry, how should my resume be formatted? Should it be one page? Should it focus on health care, medical related experiences? How much space should be unrelated experiences? I’ve been successful in my field which requires dedication and hard work. So I’m just wondering how people approach this?”

Every field requires dedication and hard work so that doesn’t really separate you. But as far as the resume is concerned, just go on Google. Look at a standard resume format and use that.

[Tweet “”It doesn’t have to be, and it shouldn’t be all medically related. You’re a non traditional premed student. It’s your nontraditional journey that makes you – you.””]

Don’t just focus on the health care stuff. Focus on everything else. Talk about the things that you’ve learned. Tell stories. And hopefully, you will get that spot in the postbac program.

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