Should I Mention Kids in my Med School Application?

Session 131

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As a nontraditional student, you may have kids in tow when you head to medical school. Is that a red flag to medical school? Should you mention your kids?

[01:50] OldPreMeds Question of the Week:

“Did any of you mention your children in your application especially if it adds to your narrative of why you wanted to become a doctor?”

[02:02] It’s Okay to Mention You Have Kids (Only When It Fits)

If it’s part of why you wanted to become a doctor, of course mention it. One of the students I’ve worked with, mentioned that it was the birth of his child that led him to want to become a physician. It was that spark for him to do this thing. But if you’re just throwing it out there that you have kids and a dog and why you wanted to be a doctor, which is something different, then it won’t fit the narrative of why you want to be a physician. So there’s no need to bring them up.

A lot of students are scared that if they bring up kids, it may be a red flag to the admissions committee. But don’t think of it that way. Being a nontraditional student, having kids, gives you a different point of view, it gives you a different perspective on life. Unlike what most students think that diversity is only limited to race, color, gender, etc, understand that being a parent is part of that diversity. And this is what the admissions committees are trying to do – build a community of students that are putting together a very diverse class of students who are going to work well together.

[04:57] Being a Nontrad Student is a Huge Asset

Being a parent, you have experiences that a lot of other students may not have. So they may look at that and think it’s an asset and not a black mark on your application. It’s a huge asset to have that actually. So stop thinking that.

Stop thinking that being a nontraditional student is going to hurt you. But it’s completely the opposite in most circumstances. So stop mentioning how your kids are going to hurt you. Again, bring it up if fits into the narrative of why you want to be a physician. There’s no use of hiding your family and trying to avoid talking about them. They’re a part of your story. But just don’t squeeze them into weird places just because you think you need to mention them along the way.

Stop worrying about your kids, your family, being married, as a disability in the application process and start looking at it from the standpoint of it being an asset that you can add to the diversity of the class. Because you’re going to have skills necessary to help the class along.

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