How Many Credits for My DIY Postbacc?

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OPM 316: How Many Credits for My DIY Postbacc?

Session 316

This student needs to take Organic Chem 1 and Organic Chem 2, and she plans to take Physiology. How many more postbac credits does she need?

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[01:18] The MCAT Minute

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How long does it take to prepare for the MCAT and when can you take it? You have to know when to take the MCAT about 18 months prior to when you are starting medical school. And that’s going to take you another three to four months on top of that to study for the MCAT. Or maybe even more as a nontraditional student who has a family and is working full-time.

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[02:22] OldPreMeds Question of the Week

“Given that I have a husband, six medically complex kids, and a job, how many total credits do you recommend for a do-it-yourself postbac in my situation? I’m currently enrolled for eight credits this fall, repeating Organic I, in anticipation of Organic II which I “need” to retake, and Human Physiology which I also NEED TO RETAKE.”

[03:10] Let Mappd Help You

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[03:50] Should You Retake Organic II and Human Physiology?

Physiology is not a prereq for almost all schools. There are a few schools out there that do have it as a prerequisite. So whether you need to retake human physiology depends on your school list.

[04:27] Where Grades Matter

Now as a nontraditional student, with a husband, six medically complex kids, and a job, medical schools don’t really care about that. They need to make sure you are academically capable of doing well in medical school before they will even consider the context around everything else. And this is where grades matter. At the end of the day, you need to show academic ability.

To do that, you have to have around 25 hours, at as close to a 4.0 as possible. Dr. Scott Wright, former director of admissions at UT Southwestern, used to run the entire TMDSAS; he has seen 40 hours historically. So take that for what it’s worth.

[05:54] How Many Credits Do You Need?

Reach out to some of your state schools, your local schools, whatever schools are around you, and schools that you want to go to. Give them a brief overview of your life story and talk about your plan of taking on x amount of credits.

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The admissions committees at these schools can do whatever they want. And so, if you have 20 hours of a postbac, they can completely ignore your undergraduate GPA, and just focus on your postbac GPA. On the contrary, other schools may say it’s not good enough for them.

We used to talk about the 32-hour rule. There were several schools, and there probably still are schools, that publicly had a 32-hour rule where they’re going to reset your GPA with 32 hours of postbac work.

Ultimately, context matters. Your story matters.  And you have to show academic ability before they get to the point where they look at everything you’ve done.

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[09:58] Things to

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