Organizations & Resources for Latinx and Hispanic Premeds

Only 12.5% of medical school matriculants in 2021 were Latinx/Hispanic, and approximately 6% of practicing physicians identify as Hispanic and/or Latinx. Because of the low (but rising!) percentage, it’s easy to feel alone or not know where to find other students like you. You might also be more likely to be a first-generation student and need more guidance from outside resources.

Hopefully, these resources will offer you community, helpful information, and resources to guide you on your path to becoming a physician.

Community and Advocacy Groups

1. Latino Medical Student Association

Latino Medical Student Association at Harvard Medical School

The Latino Medical Student Association is a nonprofit that aims to “unite and empower current and future physicians…for the improved health of the Hispanic & Latino/a/x community.” They offer resources like scholarships and mentorship opportunities.

2. Mi Mentor

MiMentor - Apps on Google Play

Mi Mentor offers resources and mentorship for Latinx students. They also have specific resources for undocumented students and students with DACA status. Check out this upcoming event for first-generation premeds.

3. National Hispanic Medical Association

National Hispanic Medical Association (@NHMAmd) / Twitter

The National Hispanic Medical Association serves to represent the interests of Hispanic physicians in the US. They also run their philanthropic arm, the National Hispanic Health Foundation. The best place to look for resources for you premeds is the NHMA College Health Scholars Program.

4. National Latino/a Physician Day

October 1 is National Latino/a Physician Day, an event dedicated to bringing attention to the disproportionately low percentage of Latinx physicians. It’s a chance to celebrate the Latinx physicians we already have and highlight the need for more in every specialty.

Scholarships and Resources

1. LMSA National Scholarships

The Latino Medical Student Association offers several scholarships that may benefit you at different points in the premed process. Learn more about them here.

2. Mi Mentor Peer Groups

Mi Mentor offers a variety of peer groups from book groups to reapplicant groups. You can also find MCAT study buddies, and mentoring from students a step ahead of you in the process.

3. National Hispanic Medical Association Conference

NHMA is hosting their annual conference in Chicago in April of 2023. You can take this as an opportunity to learn from leaders in your field and connect with other students.

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