9 Med School Application Tips That Will Give You an Edge

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Session 128

Session 128

In this episode, we talk about some tips for you to consider when submitting your medical school applications.

If you’re applying to medical school soon, first just take a deep breath. You don’t need to submit your application on the first day.

9 Med School Application Tips

1. Apply early.

  • The school’s deadline for submission should not be your goal date.
  • Apply in June or July if possible.
  • Submitting late is not an option; if you do, better apply next year.

2. Gather all the information needed before getting started.

What are the things you need?

3. Know how many med schools you’re applying to.

  • Don’t apply to a ton of schools due to the high cost; however, apply to enough number  of schools to increase your chances of getting in

4. Get your letter writers to write letters now.

  • Who’s writing all your letters? Know more about them.
  • You can pick what letter goes to what school

5. Proofread everything.

  • Take note of some weird formatting issues
  • Have other people proofread your application

6. Make sure to follow proper protocols (like when requesting transcripts).

  • This is a key med school application tip. Getting delayed with your transcripts is a common problem that holds up med school applications.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions.

7. Use an appropriate email.

  • Your email address should be professional-looking.
  • Use your personal email instead of your work email.

8. Only list activities that matter and have meaning to you.

Include activities that are/have:

  • Transformative
  • Major impact
  • Changes your outlook to make you grow

9. Your personal statement can make or break your application.

  • Take your time and a lot of reiterations
  • Have a physician read it
  • Have someone read it for grammar and another one for content

Bonus med school application tip: Know your timeline.

  • When should each thing be submitted?

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