Learning From a Successful 5 Year Premed Postbac Journey

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Session 139

Session 139

In today’s episode, we have another non-traditional premed student, Frank, who was basically 10 years out of medical school. Five years ago, he decided to enter the pre-health world.

Find out about Frank’s struggles during his pre-med path and post-bacc path working full-time as an engineer, helping his wife with her business, and how he came full circle and got an acceptance to medical school.

Listen in as you learn about the importance of having an accountability partner, having the determination to do what you want, tapping into the right resources, and doing things for the right reasons.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Frank:

His aha! moment in wanting to be a doctor:

  • Wanting to learn something new exciting, and fulfilling
  • He had a long history in pre-hospital EMS which is something he’s interested in

About his pre-hospital EMS:

  • Diagnosed with asthma when he was younger
  • Joining the EMS squad and eventually involved in ski patrol EMS in New Hampshire

Communicating his story into the essays and interviews during the application process:

  • Using your experiences to focus on the path you want to go down

Figuring out the steps along the way:

  • Reading online
  • OldPreMeds
  • Individual college sites
  • Undergraduate institution that offered premed advising to alumni (University of New Hampshire)
  • His wife as his accountability partner

Check out how he juggled work and classes

Preparing for the MCAT

The hardest things during the application process: The writing stuff

How he went about choosing the school:

  • Looked into schools in Philadelphia area and north east coast
  • Leaning towards DO school and ended up getting in

His advice to those interested in going to medical school who are questioning whether they should take this leap:

  • Take a creative writing class.
  • Get your feet in the door to as many schools as possible.
  • Go to various events organized by premed organizations to help you get to know about the different programs and to get the feel of the schools.
  • Attend the annual OldPreMeds Conference and hear stories of people like you to get some inspiration.

Some pieces of advice for premed students:

Find something to ground yourself and not get caught up in the race. Be true to yourself and do it for the reasons you like to do it.

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