Major Changes at MSHQ and Some Premed Q&A

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Session 140

Session 140

In this episode, Ryan and Allison shares with us the big changes happening in their lives.

Breaking news! Ryan and Allison have moved from Boston to Colorado (only one of the big changes coming)

Ryan used to be an active duty Air Force flight surgeon. In March 2014, Ryan was diagnosed with MS which prompted the Air Force to not let him fly. Finally in December 2014, Ryan and Allison discussed about making some changes around.

Where this all leads to is that Ryan can now focus more on MSHQ, which is although a huge change, is also a big passion that he has for helping premeds get into medical school. As Allison says, the biggest limit in life is the one you put on yourself.

Ryan and Allison also take questions from the audience and give their two cents’ worth.

Premed Podcast Studio

Recording without a Desk!

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Ryan and Allison:

  • Why the piece of not being able to fly is a big deal for Ryan
  • The perks of not being in the military
  • There are so many options you can do with your degree.
  • Let your passion guide you.

What’s Ryan doing now?

  • Ryan is switching gears from being a practicing physician to focusing on MSHQ
  • Now Ryan has more time for building the Medical School Headquarters Academy!

What’s Allison doing now?

  • Still practicing Neurology
  • Allison joined a large group practice in Colorado doing outpatient work and in-patient call throughout the year (in two hospitals)

Why Colorado?

  • Ryan has family in Colorado
  • Change of pace

Lessons they’ve learned from all the moving:

Label all your boxes very well (make sure you know where your stuff is especially your essentials)

Your questions answered…

Recommended strategy for retaking classes:

  • Reflect on what was it that you ended up with low GPA. Figure out what happened.
  • MD application with average your two grades
  • DO application will take your newest grade
  • Weigh in your decision-making according to whether you’re going to an MD or DO school
  • Start talking with the admissions committee members

What you get from talking to the admissions committee:

Coming to medicine as a second career; are elite schools really exceptional or are they only good at selling and presenting themselves?

  • It’s so much more than what the school’s numbers are
  • It’s easier for them to present themselves but it doesn’t mean they’re a better school
  • Make sure it’s a good fit for you.

“Don’t go to a school because it’s great. Go to a school that will make you great.” – Dr. Ryan Gray

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