Howard University Secondary Application

Howard University Secondary Essay Prompts

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Prompts have been updated June 2023. (Older essays, if available are below)

  • Have you lived in communities which are medically underserved, or where the majority of the population is economically and/or educationally disadvantaged? (Please indicate, Yes or No and then explain/describe briefly in 250 words or less).
  • Have you worked (volunteer or paid employment) with medically underserved, economically disadvantaged, and/or educationally disadvantaged populations? (Please indicate, Yes or No and then explain/describe briefly in 250 words or less).
  • After residency, do you plan to practice medicine in an underserved or disadvantaged community? (Please indicate, Yes or No and then explain/describe briefly in 250 words or less)

Primary Deadline: Usually around Dec 15th
Secondary Deadline
: Usually around Jan 15th
Secondary Fee: $45
FAP Waiver: No
Casper Required: Yes
PREview Required: No
Screens Applications: No
Accepts Application Updates: Yes/Email

Howard University College of Medicine Mission:

Howard University College of Medicine provides students of high academic potential with a medical education of exceptional quality and prepares physicians and other health care professionals to serve the underserved. Particular focus is on the education of disadvantaged students for careers in medicine. Emphasis is placed on developing skills and habits of life-long learning and producing world leaders in medicine. Special attention is directed to teaching and research activities that address health care disparities. 

The College also seeks to improve the health of Americans and the global community through public health training programs and initiatives. Our mission also includes the discovery of new knowledge through research. Lastly, the College supports the education and training of postgraduate physicians, other health care providers, and graduate students in the biomedical sciences.

Howard University College of Medicine Vision:

The goal of the Howard University College of Medicine is to enhance our global recognition as a medical school of the first rank, known for the excellence of our teaching, research and service. We will continue to be a world leader in the training of competent, compassionate physicians and other health professionals for medically underserved communities and populations. In addition, the College envisions that it will be an exemplar in eliminating health disparities and in finding solutions through research and public health programs for medical problems disproportionately found in disadvantaged communities, both in this nation and abroad.

Howard University College of Medicine Values:

  • Fidelity to our mission and strong and confident belief in our work
  • Excellence and integrity in all that we undertake–teaching, research, and service; 
  • Leadership in medical education and health care, especially for African Americans, other minorities, and the economically disadvantaged; 
  • Service to our community, the nation, and the world through public health programs, medical care, and health education;
  • The unrelenting pursuit of knowledge through research and life-long learning; and 
  • A commitment to cultural diversity among faculty, staff and students and to ensuring a respectful and ethical academic environment.