What Are the Different Types of MMI Stations?

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What Are the Different Types of MMI Stations?

Session 22

What are the different types of MMI stations you can encounter on your medical school interview day?

MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interview. This format is has been spreading like wildfire throughout U.S. and Canadian medical schools. The MMI has different types of stations where you do several short interviews. Today let’s look at what those MMI stations are.

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[00:58] The First Two Types of MMI Stations

The first two types of MMI stations are scenario stations. One is acting-based while the other involves discussing your thought processes with the interviewer.

With the scenario MMI stations, you walk up to the station and read the scenario. It’s usually an ethically complicated or difficult scenario you may face as a doctor.

In some of these stations, you just go in and explain your thought process to the interviewer. You need to be able to thoughtfully and respectfully explain why you have a certain view on abortion, euthanasia, or stem-cell research, for example.

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In acting-based MMI stations, you’re talking to an actor who poses as a patient. The patient has issues that you need to go in and discuss with them. You tell them they have cancer, or you go in and talk to an angry patient to try to calm them down.

In some MMI stations, you're talking to an actor who poses as a patient. You might have to tell them they have cancer, their loved one has died, and things like that.Click To Tweet

[02:15] The Third Type of MMI Station

The third type of MMI station is where you go in and answer a very standard medical school interview question. You encounter questions like “Why do you want to be a physician?” Or you’re asked about a difficult time in your life, or why you want to go to this school. A lot of MMIs have this kind of station.

As you're preparing for the MMI, you still need to prepare for the standard medical school interview questions.Click To Tweet

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[03:05] The Fourth Type of MMI Station

This is the “teamwork” MMI station, where you’re working together with another student. You walk in and you’re given a piece of paper. You have to describe it to the other student who hasn’t seen it. The paper might have a picture on it. Or you may be reading out instructions for the other person to do something. This station assesses how well how you can communicate and work together as a team.

You walk in and you’re given a piece of paper with a picture on it. You have to describe it to another student who hasn't seen it.Click To Tweet

The Lego Bricks is another popular type of MMI station that fits in this category. Instead of seeing a piece of paper with a drawing on it, you see a completed Lego brick structure. Then you have to explain to your teammate how to put the Lego bricks together.

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