What are the Different Types of MMI Stations?

Session 22

What are the different types of MMI stations that you can encounter on your medical school interview day?

The MMI stands for the Multiple Mini Interview. This format is has been spreading like wildfire throughout the U.S. and Canadian medical schools. The MMI has different types of stations.

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[00:58] The First Two Types

The Scenario Stations – You can walk into the station and read the scenario. It’s usually something moral, ethical, or something where you have to communicate something to an interviewer.

Another similar type of station is where you’d be talking with an actor, who poses as a patient. The patient has issues and then you need to go in and discuss with the patient. You tell them they have cancer or you go in and discuss with an angry patient to calm them down.

The above two are both similar, but one is acting-based while the other involves discussing your thought processes with the interviewer.

[02:15] The Third Type

The third type of scenario is a very standard interview question. You encounter questions like why you want to be a physician. Or you’re asked of a difficult time in your life. Or they could ask you why you want to go to this school. A lot of MMIs have this kind of station.

[03:05] The Fourth Type

This is the “teamwork” station where you’re working together with another student. You’d walk in and you’re given a piece of paper. You’d have to describe it to the other student who hasn’t seen it or describe the picture on it. You may be reading out instructions for the other person to do it. This is to see how well how you can communicate and work together as a team.

The Lego Bricks is another popular type of station where instead of you seeing a piece of paper with a drawing on it, it’s you seeing a completed Lego brick structure. Then you’d have to explain to your team mate how to put the Lego bricks together.


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