What is My Goal on the Multiple Mini (Med School) Interview?

Session 9

What is the reason of the MMI? The core of the MMI is that it’s a communications test. It’s about how you communicate. It shows them whether you have a good thought process behind what you can communicate.

I was talking to a premed advisor right before I started recording this as we were talking about the MMI. He’s on the admissions committee at a medical school. And he’s one of the premed advisors at the undergrad campus of where the medical school is located. The advisor told me a story of this student going through the MMI.

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[01:04] A Communications Test

A lot of students get hung up on the content. They think they have to know everything. Some of the MMI scenarios are going to put you in a situation where you’re the doctor.

You’re being asked questions that you’re not going to know. You’re asked some moral and ethical questions and you’re not going to know the answers. You’re not going to know the laws around whatever is being asked. But that’s not what the MMI is testing. That’s not what the interviewer is judging you on. It’s not where they’re going to base the evaluation on. Instead, they’re basing it on your ability to communicate.

How well can you communicate your thoughts or beliefs or your understanding of certain situations? Even if you don’t know any specifics of what’s being asked of you, as long as you can communicate clearly and show you have good thought process, you’re going to do okay on the MMI. Don’t be bouncing all around. Don’t get caught up in the specific scenarios and think you have to go and look at all the laws for specific things. Communicate as best you can and you’ll do great on the MMI.


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