Can I Get Grades Removed From My Transcript To Improve My GPA?

Session 28

If you’ve taken classes previously and you’ve done poorly, some schools will give you options.

For example, they will get rid of your old courses if you take a new set of classes. They will remove them from your transcript and expunge them. Or maybe your college has the ability to say that if you come to their school, they will remove the initial grade from your transcript.

It sounds great and it looks great. It increases your GPA on that transcript. But there’s something you’re failing to recognize and what’s very important to know.

[01:25] You Still Have to Put In the Courses

When you are applying to medical school, you need to put every single course that you’ve attempted. So if it’s not in your official transcript, you need to put it into AMCAS. Those failures from community college or whenever you had them that you need to now expunge, you still need to put them in your AMCAS application.

This means that those grades get counted towards your AMCAS GPA. This the GPA that medical schools are using to evaluate your ability to complete medical school. This is what they’re using to evaluate you to see if they want to interview you.

Hence, all of your courses, regardless if they’re on your transcript or not, if you had them removed, they still need to go to the AMCAS application. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for AACOMAS.

[02:41] Texas Application

Texas has the fresh start program that gives a ten-year window. And the Texas Medical and Dental Application Service recognizes that. It allows you to ignore those initial grades. So when you apply for the Fresh Start Program through the TMDSAS, your GPA is going to be higher because those initial grades are gone. But if you are also applying to AMCAS and AACOMAS outside of Texas, all of those Fresh Start classes that were removed, need to go into the AMCAS and AACOMAS applications.

If you’re a Texas resident and you applied for Fresh Start and you’re applying broadly outside of Texas, your GPA on the TMDSAS is going to be much higher than it is on the AACOMAS or AMCAS application.

[04:10] AACOMAS Grade Replacement (Before)

This is very similar to prior years passed where AACOMAS had grade replacement. And if you took a class, the newer score was counted and the older score was not counted. So students applying to both MD and DO schools, their AMCAS and AACOMAS GPAs were significantly different due to the grade replacement.

Now, that’s gone away!

The only significant difference is between Fresh Start versus AMCAS/AACOMAS.

[04:50] Final Thoughts

What you need to keep in mind at the end of the day is that if you’re applying to medical school outside of Texas’ Fresh Start Program, every class that you’ve taken needs to go in your application. That includes all the classes you’ve been incomplete on or you were at an American university overseas, all the college-level classes you’ve taken in high school This also includes every class where you withdrew in and every class that ha been expunged and removed from your transcript. Again, you have to put it on all there!

So don’t go through the process of spending how much money it costs to redo all the classes to expunge your records when at the end of the day, they’re all going to be counted anyway.

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