Can I Do My Med School Prereqs at a Community College?

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Session 53

Community college is a practical choice for many students. Will premed courses taken at a CC hold as much weight as those taken at 4-year universities?

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[00:11] Going to a Community College

If you’re going through this premed process and wondering what you should be doing or where you should be going for classes, you’re not alone. Especially for students coming from a first-generation household, a lot of them go to a community college. It’s a very economical and affordable way to start college.

In the grand scheme of things, going to a community college might potentially hurt your medical school application. 

'A general feeling among premed advisors is that going to community college is not good for your application.'Click To Tweet

[02:00] Adding to the Diversity

'Students who go to community college are more diverse.'Click To Tweet

From an admissions standpoint, there’s this changing tide of acceptance for community college students. They understand this will add diversity to their class, which helps everybody. And not just everybody, but future patients as well.

Apparently, going to a community college isn’t going to hurt you. But it may hurt you.

[03:05] Overcoming the Bias

When premed advisors look at a community college, they think it’s not good enough. It’s the same problem that osteopathic students run into when applying to residency programs. Sadly, there are still some old, crusty white guys and women running the show.

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[03:45] Do Whatever You Need to Do

All you can do is do what you can do. If you need to go to a community college, then go do it. 

If you want to save some money, go to a community college. If you’ve run out of credits and tuition at a four-year university and you still want to take some classes, go to a community college.

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That being said, try to have a solid reason for going to a community college. For instance, you might be working full-time while taking care of your family. And community college classes were the only ones that fit your schedule. Stand behind this and do it.

[04:40] You’ll Be Okay

There’s one school that explicitly stated in their policy that didn’t want community college graduates. So you might find these kinds of schools. But generally, you will be okay.

Just remember to apply broadly to enough schools. Answer the question of why you went to a community college. Finally, prove to yourself that you can handle coursework by doing well in your classes and doing well on the MCAT.


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