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There are many online course options for preparing for the MCAT. How do you pick the best one for you? The “you” part is a hard answer, but I want to share with you why I think Next Step Test Prep is the best online MCAT course available right now. This is a review and breakdown of the MCAT course from Next Step Test Prep.

Next Step Test Prep MCAT Promo Code

Use the promo code “MSHQTOC” to save $50 off of Next Step Test Prep’s MCAT Course. You can use the code “MSHQ” to save 10% off on full-length MCAT practice tests as well.

Who is Next Step Test Prep?

Next Step Test Prep is known for their one-on-one tutoring. Recently, they released their online course, which was developed from the ground up to be different than any other course available. Because Next Step is still a relatively small company compared to some of the really big MCAT prep companies available, they are able to be very personal in their approach to teach. This includes a one-on-one orientation as well as live office hours five days a week. I’ll dig into this a little bit more below!

Next Step Test Prep’s MCAT Online Course Review

1. Access to All of the AAMC Online Resources

The Next Step Test Prep online course includes access to all of the AAMC online resources, including the AAMC practice tests, the QBank, and everything they have online. This isn’t very unique in the MCAT test prep world, but I thought I’d mention it anyway!

2. Access to 10 Full-Length MCAT Practice Exams

Time and time again, students come back to me after I recommend Next Step’s exams and they all gave a favorable feedback, saying that Next Step has the most realistic exams, obviously, next to AAMC, which is the Gold Standard as it’s the company that makes the MCAT.

Next Step’s course includes all ten of their practice exams and two of their diagnostic exams.

3. Access to Books

Historically, the Next Step books haven’t been that great. When I talk to students about the Next Step course and materials, they’ve found a lot of mistakes in the book. They haven’t been as “pretty” as some of the other companies.

But this has changed. Next Step Test Prep has recently revamped their whole lineup of books. When you sign up for the course, you’ll be mailed a full set of books.

4. 100+ Hours of Online Videos (not including hundreds of hours of other content)

Next Step’s top tutors cover all of the content for you, step-by-step. Through a good platform that allows you to play videos of the tutor going through presentions, you’ll be able to get a full review of the content.

Next Step even has videos covering the AAMC full-length exams so you can go question by question with them and see where you went wrong!

Unlike most courses that are passive, where you simply watch the presentation, Next Step features quizzes, interspersed throughout the different lectures and content. This makes sure you’re paying attention and that you’re understanding the material before you move on.

5. MCAT Study Planning Tool

Next Step MCAT Course Promo Code

Many students struggle with how to manage their time studying for the MCAT. With the Next Step study planning tool, simply log in and put in the information asked of you. You’ll need to enter when you’re going to start studying for the MCAT, when you’re planning on taking the MCAT, how much time you have to study, when you’re going to take your full-length exams, etc. After a minute of clicking boxes and options, you’ve already got yourself a full study plan customized for you.

What if you get off track?

Life happens. And so if you get off-track with your study plan, no worries. Just click and drag lectures from one spot to another. If you think you’re behind, move forward and rearrange your plan as necessary.

6. Live Office Hours with Next Step’s Top Tutors

Next Step MCAT Course Review - Office HoursWhen you purchase this course, you’re not only getting all of the pre-recorded content, but you also get access to live office hour sessions – two hours a day, five days a week. This is with Next Step’s Top Tutors too! When you buy a course from a company with a local center, you’re beholden to who is teaching the course at the exact moment that you have to take it. My experience in that situation when I took a prep course was terrible.

With the Next Step MCAT Course Office Hours, the sessions are usually built around specific content. Your tutor is going to run through the content and go over questions where you have the opportunity to ask. Some sessions are built around general Q&A.

Some students I’ve asked who have logged into their live office hours say they were the only one there. In that case, where you’re lucky, you get one-on-one tutoring for two hours. The point is not everybody takes advantage of this service. So if you set that intention to use them, you might just be able to get a little bit of private experience with these tutors.

7. Course Orientation

It can be a little bit overwhelming when you first log on. There are a lot of materials, as well as a ton of things you can click on including videos to watch. This could be initially overwhelming. But when you decide to get the course, you get access to a one-on-one orientation session with somebody from Next Step. They will run you through the platform and how to best use it so you can get started with your MCAT prep immediately.

8. Price (and Next Step Promo Code)

The course currently costs $1,599. Save $50 by using the promo code MSHQTOC. This is an affiliate link and yes, I can get a little commission from this if you buy. But I wouldn’t recommend this course if this wasn’t the best course out there.

If you’re planning on getting an MCAT prep course, I highly recommend getting Next Step’s MCAT Online Course. I firmly believe it’s better than any other course out there. Also, don’t forget to check out The MCAT Podcast, which is a podcast I do with Next Step Test Prep.

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