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Study Habits and Tips for the Premed Student

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Fresh Progress Geek - With actions progress can be achieved Pitzer College | A Los Angeles-Area Liberal Arts College

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Wonderful -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by Kkm_2010 from United States on Aug 11, 2014
The most helpful source I've had in my premed journey. It has definitely helped me focus my thoughts for the personal statement, interviews, etc...

MSHQ is Premed Medicine for the Soul -- 5 stars (★★★★★)

by David Enyart from United States on Aug 6, 2014
Via the Medical School HQ podcast, doctors Ryan and Allison Gray present the most accurate, unbiased and fear-eliminating content there is. Each podcast fills me personally with the knowledge, vision, hope and focus I need to continue on my path toward becoming a physician with each passing week. There aren't many resources I would promote with the same degree of passion or excitement as I do this podcast. If you have yet to subscribe and/or leave a 5 star review, what are you waiting for?Thank you Ryan and Allison for, not only your faithful delivery of the greatest content on the web, but for personally sticking by me as a friend/big brother and sister in medicine via your answering of my emails and phone calls without hesitation or delay. If you have yet to develop a personal statement for the MSHQ podcast, here's a suggestion: "We Exist to Help Ordinary People with Extraordinary Passion for Medicine to become the Doctor they Were Meant to Be." Thank you for all you do, and don't stop. David

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How to Choose Which Medical Schools to Apply To

How to Choose Which Medical Schools to Apply To

We talk about some simple things to think about as you try to narrow down your list of medical schools that you are applying to. From MCAT scores to Weather!

Writing Personal Statements for Medical School

Dr. Greg Polites joins us to talk about the do's and don'ts of writing a personal statement for medical school. What do adcoms look for when reading them? What to avoid? Listen now!
5 Things You Need to Do to Start Preparing for MCAT 2015

5 Things You Need to Do to Start Preparing for MCAT 2015

Bryan from Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step Test Prep) talks to premeds about starting to prepare for the MCAT 2015, including whether you should try to take the current MCAT.

Premed Listener Q&A, Volunteering, Personal Statements & More

Allison and Ryan tackle some hard questions they received from premeds that listen to the show. They cover community college credit, personal statements, volunteering, choosing a premed undergrad and so much more!

Pros and Cons of the Liberal Arts for Premeds

Allison and Ryan discuss the pros and cons of choosing a liberal arts school or major as a premed, including the implications later on as a physician.

The Role of Residency Training For Physicians

Allison and Ryan discuss a new controversial bill in Missouri that would allow new medical school graduates to work without any residency training.
How the UF Dream Team is Changing Patients' Lives

How the UF Dream Team is Changing Patients’ Lives

Session 83

Our guest for this episode is Alex Breslin, a rising senior at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and the President of the Dream Team. The Dream Team is a student-run, non-profit organization whose program specifically focuses on the children in cardiac care at UF Health Shands Hospital. They aim to dedicate time, not money, and service these children and their families with enthusiasm, passion and shared dedication.

Here are the highlights of my conversation with Alex:

  • How shadowing physicians and going to medical missions influenced his decision to be a doctor
  • Choosing to go to University of Florida, how he studies for the MCAT and how he have gets the most out of his pre-med advisors
  • Sharing each of our own experiences as Shands volunteers, and about Child Life Program, a sub-specialty within Shands volunteer
  • Where the idea of the Dream Team came from, the organization’s goals, and what the program is all about
  • Getting the hospital involved in the Dream Team, forming relationships with the directors, and getting the necessary approvals by impressing them with their first 10 volunteers
  • Strict application cycles, interviews, and methods on how they sifted through applications to get their first 10 volunteers
  • Their strategies in keeping their momentum, their motivation and their overall success
  • Finding out where he wants to go to med school and what he wants to do next
To echo Alex’s point, the journey is equally important with the outcome. So embrace everything you are doing, find something that you are passionate about and be involved in activities that make a difference. Fueling this fire will get you going through those hard days and night in med school.

Links and Other Resources

Dream Team UF Dream Team UF Volunteer Application Shands Child Life Program
10 Premed Resources You Need to Be Using

10 Premed Resources You Need to Be Using

With so many premed resources out there, we helped you narrow down to the 10 we think you should start with. Everything from the medical schools to YOU. Listen!

Reviewing the 2014 Physician Compensation Report

Each year, Medscape does a phenominal job of surverying physicians about their compensation, work settings, and job satisfaction. We talk about the report!