7 Tips to Running a Successful Family Meeting

Allison and I build upon Session 69 and talk about the family meeting. It is during these family meetings that you must have the art of communication down. Family meetings are what many families remember the most of a loved ones hospital stay, so you owe them the best possible experience.

Palliative Care – There is Always Something You Can Provide

We talk about palliative care and how as physicians we have a huge impact on the experiences that patients and family members have with end-of-life care.

The Changing Landscape of Medical School Admissions

Dr. Chan is the Assistant Dean of Admissions at Univ. of Utah School of Medicine and he joins us to talk about the changing landscape of premed and med school.

The Princeton Review MCAT Prep Promo Code and Info

The Princeton Review is a household name when it comes to MCAT test prep. They have more than 4,000 instructors in the US and Canada and even more in other…
How to Get into an MD/PhD Program: Interview with a Program Director

How to Get into an MD/PhD Program: Interview with a Program Director

Dr. Jose Cavazos, Assistant Dean for MD/PhD Program and Assistant Dean at UTHSCSA, shares what he looks for in successful premed applicants to dual degree programs.

Physician, Paralympic Athlete and So Much More

In today's episode Dr. Cheri Blauwet shares her path of becoming a physician. Her story starts with a spinal cord injury at the age of 1. You need to listen.
The 3 Most Common MCAT Questions M Prep Receives

How Long Should You Study for the MCAT?

Alec is a former premed, turned MCAT prep guru and he joins us to talk about the 3 most common questions that he receives at M Prep, the test prep company that he runs.
Ginger Campbell Shares Her Story!

The Brain Science Podcast Host Ginger Campbell Shares Her Journey

Dr. Ginger Campbell is an ER physician in Alabama and host of the top rated Brain Science Podcast. She shares her journey to medicine and gives advice to those entering the profession now.

PA to Doctor: What Route Should YOU Take?

Dr. Mark Kauffman is a PA turned DO. Find out why he made the career change and what you as a premed can learn if you can’t decide what path you want to take.

Allison’s Story – When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

Allison and Ryan talk about a life changing experience that Allison had that switched her perspective about what it's like to be a physician and treating people with chronic diseases.