Clinical Years


How to Maintain Your Health and Fitness as a Premed

Ryan is joined by Ryan from who shares what he has learned about maintaining health and fitness through medical school. Take a listen!

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Time to Get Touchy Feely – Let’s Talk Physical Exam

Dr. Danielle Ofri has a great piece in the New York Times titled “The Physical Exam as Refuge.” Allison and I discuss this and give our thoughts for the premed.

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7 Tips to Running a Successful Family Meeting

Allison and I build upon Session 69 and talk about the family meeting. It is during these family meetings that you must have the art of communication down. Family meetings are what many families remember the most of a loved ones hospital stay, so you owe them the best possible experience.

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Top Resources & Tools for Premeds and Medical Students

Ryan and Allison go through everything premeds and medical students wish was under the tree for Christmas (or the Hanukkah bush! :)). We cover books, tools and more.

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5 Tips to Help You Choose a Medical Specialty

Allison and Ryan go over 5 things that you should be thinking about when starting your career as a medical student and starting to narrow down what you want to do when you grow up!

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Avoiding Burnout as a Premed, Med Student and Beyond

If you can imagine your career after you are done with ALL of your training – at least 7 years down the road if you are a premed, and could guess that 1/3 of your colleagues would be burnt out – would you still take the same journey? What if it was you that was burnout? Overstressed? Overworked? It’s crazy to think that as students of medicine, we learn to take care of others, yet we don’t do a good job of learning to take care of ourselves.

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Resident Duty Hours and the Ripple Effect

Tired, overworked and sleep deprived are all words used to describe interns and residents working the hospital. It has long been thought to be a right of passage for physicians, handing the torch down to the next generation. Long hours, 36-hour shifts were common place more than 25-30 years ago during your medical education.

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