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Session 79

The Premed Years

In today’s episode, Ryan talks with Tasheema Prince, founder of Premed Life Magazine, as she shares about her decision to take a detour from medicine, how she went about with medical writing, the beginnings of PremedLife Magazine, and its partnership with the Premed Years Podcast.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Tasheema:

Tasheema’s initial interest in medicine:

  • Studying in New York and began her premed path as a biology major
  • Volunteering experience
  • Realizing medicine wasn’t her passion during her Senior year
  • Discovered medical writing as a career she can actually pursue combining her love of medicine and science with her love of writing

Pivoting to medical writing:

  • Landing a job after college at a medical publishing company where they publish magazines for healthcare practitioners, nurses, etc.
  • Using this as a stepping stone to her own endeavors

On Premed Life Magazine:

  • Has been living inside of her since undergrad
  • Seeing the need for resources and information in a fresh, interesting light
  • Finally publishing it in September 2010

Premed Life Magazine’s mission:

To provide relevant, timely information to anyone aspiring to gain admission to medical school.

Updates since its first publishing in 2010:

  • Digital and print editions
  • With 40,000+ digital readers
  • More and more submissions from premed students who want to share their tips, advice, and experiences
  • Campus Edition – content specifically for students officer in campus

Premed Life Magazine welcomes article submissions from students, directors, deans, physicians, and just about anybody who wishes to contribute to the site. If you are an aspiring writer or you have a story to tell, submit a guest post or provide your input by clicking on Share Your Thoughts on their site.

The Medical School HQ podcast and Premed Life Magazine have combined forces and MSHQ podcast is now the official podcast of the Premed Life Magazine.

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