The Mailbag – MCAT Prep, Premed Majors and Shadowing

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Session 134

Session 134

Today, we answer some questions coming from the mailbag. If you have questions you want us to answer, here are a couple ways to drop them in:

Here are the answers to questions from some of our beloved listeners:

Should you start studying for the MCAT alone or should you just dive right in with a tutoring program?

Should surgeons have to get used to blood and flesh?

  • Either you like it or not.

Taking finance as premed?

  • What you’re majoring has no bearing on your ability to get into medical school.
  • How well you do in your major and the med school pre-requisites make all the difference in the world.
  • Follow your passion.

Shadowing or volunteering hours requirement to be competitive?

  • Shadowing:  What you need to show is that you have shadowed and gotten close enough to the patient and understand what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Volunteering:  For your sense of pride and accomplishment and for the admissions committee to see that you are willing to give and take time to go volunteer and give to others

*The University of Utah dictates the required shadowing hours to apply.

What type of study-er are you? How much time do you have dedicated to studying for the MCAT?

  • The MCAT is one of the biggest admissions criteria and requirements that you need to do as well as you can on. So you NEED to be serious and #respecttheMCAT. Do well in it. So plan ahead and work backwards from there.

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