Making the Tough Decision to be a Premed as a Non-Trad

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Session 153

Session 153

In today’s episode, Ryan talks with student doctor Chris Thompson, who is presently a non-traditional fourth year medical student.

Chris runs a YouTube channel called Student Doctor Thompson with now over 20,000 subscriptions. He posts videos about things that has helped him to get to this point in his medical school life.

Today, Chris shares with us the decision process he went through with his wife on choosing to leave his corporate sales job to go back to medical school, the struggles he has faced alongside, and how he fought his way through all the negativity around becoming a physician.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Chris:

When Chris knew that medicine was his calling:

  • Taking the non-traditional route
  • Business management for his undergraduate degree at a time of economic downturn
  • Working at a large uniform company (which he hated by the way)
  • Chris gives credit to his younger brother, Kyle, who inspired him to go to medical school

The thought process Chris and his wife went through while deciding for medical school:

  • Weighing things out between keeping the job and becoming a doctor
  • Sacrifice for a greater reward in the future vs. Don’t sacrifice now for a smaller reward now
  • Looking in the longer scheme of things

Getting information needed to get into medical school:

  • Chris got support from Kyle’s wife who worked as a premed adviser during her undergraduate years

The hardest part of transitioning from corporate sales to medical school application:

  • Fighting his way through the negative advice he received during his shadowing experience
  • Intimidating timeline with at least a year of premed courses left to go

Positivism over negativity:

  • Chris chose to really focus on the positive aspects
  • Acceptance and finding ways to stay positive

The best part of medical school for Chris:

Starting his own YouTube channel:

  • Fighting boredom and thinking of a rewarding way to use his free time in medical school

Chris’ video recommendation for premeds:

Med School: My Advice to High School and Premed Students

Some pieces of advice for premed students:

“Think about it seriously. It’s not for everyone. There’s a lot of glamour in the idea of becoming a doctor. But if you truly believe it is for you and you have hurdles to cross… fixate on this life goal that you have and do what it takes to attain that goal especially if that’s what you truly believe will bring you happiness in the long run.”

“Hold tight to that idea and keeping working towards improving yourself in paper and in person so you can accomplish that goal.”

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