Former OPM to Pediatric Resident—It’s Possible

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Session 159

Today, our student is a former OPM who has matched into a pediatric residency. Just a reminder that it is completely possible, so what is stopping you?

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We don’t have a question today but a success story from a student sharing that he/she has successfully matched into a pediatric residency, which has always been his dream.

“My old premed story was basically that I was a super nontrad, not so much in age but my background was in arts, who started med school, DO, which I love at 30. And my graduating class there, actually quite a few students older than 30 now, and a few in their 40s and 50s. On top of all the usual med school nonsense, I actually also had a baby during my third year, which was amazing and I’m so glad I did it. I just wanted to drop by and let you know that it is possible. I was definitely not the best student. My scores were not amazing. And I had to build my science knowledge from nothing. But I’ve had a phenomenal experience over the past four years in med school and I am so glad I found this site all those years ago. I wish you all well as you start and continue on this journey and hope to see you all on the floors someday.”

[02:14] Share Your Story with Us!

If you’ve had the same success, come back and share it with us so that students on the forums don’t just see all the questions and struggles but also the successes. That’s why we started the MedDiaries Podcast so students can share their struggles and triumphs.


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