Is it Too Late to Apply to DO School This Cycle?

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OPM 208: Is it Too Late to Apply to DO School This Cycle?

Session 208

Our poster today is asking about the DO timeline. The rule of thumb is to always apply early. But what could be your chances when you’re submitting late in the game?

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[01:05] OldPreMeds Question of the Week

“I’m taking the January MCAT and was planning on applying to DO schools for 2021. Since I was planning on doing submissions work during summer and fall of 2020, admissions plans have fallen through. And I’m wondering if anyone knows whether it’s too late for applying for 2020.

I realized my MCAT scores will not be ready until six weeks after the January scores. It’s four weeks roughly. I know it’s technically feasible to do so but I was wondering if all of the early birds have gotten the worms. Thank you.”

[02:00] Don’t Rush Out Your Application

There are some DO schools that accept the MCAT from January of the cycle. But if they accept the MCAT, a lot of the potential deadlines for the primary and secondary applications have passed. 

'The deadlines for DO schools are much later than MD schools. There might be a school out there where it's feasible.'Click To Tweet

If you’re coming to the game this late (December 2019) and you’re applying and taking the MCAT in January, it’s just not worth it to spend that money to take the test.

Don’t rush out an application hoping that maybe there’s one school out there that will look past the fact that you’re applying so late.

There are some schools that will have some slots left. But a lot of them are holding those spots for students who meet a specific need that they’re looking for. They won’t care if you have amazing stats, they’re saving those interview spots for those specific students.

[04:10] Take a Gap Year

At this stage of the game, don’t apply. Take a year off. Work on your application. Work on your clinical experience, shadowing, and volunteering. Work on your grades. 

Study appropriately for the MCAT. Do a good job with your personal statement and activities in order. 

'It's going to take a bit more time from your life. But it will all work out.'Click To Tweet

Don’t rush. Wait for the next cycle. Do everything appropriately and to the best of your ability. Maximize your chances of getting in the first time instead of rushing to put your application out.

[05:45] Play Conservatively

Play it more conservatively when it comes to applying late or if you have some sketchy issues in your application that maybe an extra year can fix. Because it can be very, very expensive to apply to medical schools. 


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