Can I start an MD/PhD Program at an Older Age


Session 8

In this podcast, Ryan and Rich take a plunge into the forums over at where they pull a question and deliver the answers right on to you. Today, they discuss about the issue on age especially when considering to take an MD/PhD program.

OldPreMeds Question of the Week: MD/PhD possible at age 40?

Embarking on a premed journey at 40 years old and planning to start his postbac courses this Fall at a 4-year college. If he started medschool at 43 with a 7-year MD/PhD program plus a 4-year residency, he won’t be working until 54. With a PhD in Social Science discipline and NPH and working at public health and related fields. Is it worth considering going back and doing the MD/PhD at their age and with the education already gained?

Here are the insights from Ryan & Rich:

More training involved

Age does not impact medical admissions. However, MD/PhD is a little bit different as it’s geared towards biomedical research, bench research, wet research, and is perceived to be a more conservative, disciplined group of people so this involves more training.

Difficult program

Geared towards hard core research (laboratory, in-depth scientific research) and applicants who apply for these have a significant amount of in-depth research (many of them have original or near-original work) so they are highly sought-after spots because they are supported (paid for completely through the medical science training program and monthly stipend)

Other things to consider

  • Long time in school
  • Many people who do medical research only have an MD
  • People who do clinical/ lab research or more geared towards the social aspects of medicine, an MD is more than enough a degree to do that with.

It is going to be a difficult road for a non-traditional student without significant research background to get into an MD/PhD program.

Major takeaway from this episode

While you can have it, what else are you going to give up in order to get it? This is a personal choice you have to make for yourself, for your partners, and your family.

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