What is a Premed Postbac? How Danny Figured it Out!

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Session 167

Session 167

In this episode, Ryan talks with Danny, a non-traditional student who got his acceptance in University of California, Santa Barbara at 27 years old.

Not having taken any science as an undergrad, Danny transitioned from having a flourishing career in China to taking a postbac program realize his dream of being a physician. It ultimately boils down to doing the things that really make you happy.

Today, Danny talks about having a father who’s a physician, how he learned about the postbac program, studying for the MCAT, narrowing down the schools to apply to, and finally receiving his acceptance after the second interview.

Here are the highlights of the conversation with Danny:

Danny’s journey to medical school:

  • His dad as a physician and his mom working in public health
  • Had initial interest in working abroad than in practicing medicine
  • Graduated from college at 21 and worked in China at an American furniture manufacturing company
  • Volunteering at a camp for people with disabilities (during vacation in the U.S.) that he got exposed to other premeds and other people in med school and doctors
  • Learning about a postbac from his sister and figuring out how to do it

Choosing his postbac program at UCSB:

  • Taking it in Santa Barbara so he can live with his 88-year old grandmother so he can take care of her
  • Working as a medical assistant while he was in school
  • Took general chemistry during his first year
  • Working as a medical assistant
  • Doing different volunteering opportunities

The hardest thing about his transition from his career to being a student:

  • He was a 27-year old student in a class of all 18-year old’s in gen. chem. and didn’t expect he’d be making any friends
  • Age really doesn’t matter
  • Getting a sense of collaboration

Danny’s tip: You need your professors to know you especially if you’re a continuing student.

You only have those classes so pick and choose early on where you might get your letters and work towards that.

Studying for the MCAT:

  • A formal postbac will prepare you better for the MCAT
  • Danny did 4 or 5 weeks of study 12 hours a day (Danny does not recommend this)
  • You have to do the practice tests
  • Studying the Examkrackers books

Narrowing down the schools to apply to:

  • Knowing he has to stay in California
  • Went to his Organic Chemistry teacher and helped him pick about 20 schools
  • Applying to 35 MD schools

Preparing for the interview process:

During the interview:

  • Only general questions
  • They only wanted to know what made him different from other candidates

The best resources Danny got help from:

Formal vs. informal postbac:

A formal postbac is better because you also get access to premed advisors but you can also definitely get in by doing it yourself.

Advice for premed students:

Do deep search about what would make you happy over the course of your life.

Links and Other Resources:

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