10 Premed Resources You Need to be Using

Session 82

The Premed Years

With too much information found on the internet today, it could be challenging to sort and sift the best and most trusted sources of information that you need along your journey to medical school.

In today's episode, Ryan talks about the Top 10 Resources premed students need to be going to for information.

Top 10 Resources for Premed Students

  1. Access to other premed students, medical students, and physicians

  • Collaborate with other premed students. Two heads are better than one.
  • Older students are great sources of information because they have just gone through the process so they'll be honest with you.

Twitter is a great avenue for you to connect with other students and even physicians. Follow Ryan @medicalschoolhq and search for keywords like #premed, #mcat, #futuredoctor, #medschool, etc. You get to jump into conversations that allow you to learn, share your views, and then move on to the next conversation.

  1. Student Doctor Network (SDN)

  • Features various forums for everyone in the medical field.
  • Also a great resource for secondaries where they have a wide database of previous questions on secondaries which have been contributed by past students.


Don't get sucked into the vortex of SDN. While the site provides a lot of great information, the premed forum particularly, contains a lot of cutthroat negativity that could greatly affect your self-esteem as it relates to your path to medical school. So tread lightly.

  1. OldPreMeds.org

The opposite of SDN, this site has a very nontraditional crowd that many nontraditional students can gather great information from although traditional student are also welcome to check it out. The organization just had their 14th annual conference in the Washington, D.C. area.

  1. Premed advisors

  • Specific answers to questions

Access to premed advisors can be real challenging but start with your premed advisors since they would have the pulse on the situation. Understand that not all classes are built the same. Hence, these advisors can give you the specific answers to your questions regarding courses that you need to be taking.

  • Committee letter

They can also help you with your committee letter (your premed office gathers all the letters of recommendation and writes a single committee letter to be submitted with your applications).

  1. Books

MSAR (Medical School Admission Requirements) book – This is a must-have for allopathic medical schools (MD).

College Information Book (CIB) -For osteopathic schools (DO)

  1. AACOM and AAMC

American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) – for DO schools

Association of American Medical Colleges – for Osteopathic/MD schools

(Texas has a separate medical and dental school application service called TMDSAS.)

Both are great sources of information. AAMC creates the MCAT so they have all the information about 2015 MCAT including practice tests. All of these sites have instructions for applications. Read them before you even start applying to save you a ton of time.

  1. Medical schools

Different schools have different rules on interacting with applicants versus premed students. Don't be afraid to ask questions. They're not off-limits. They have advisors who are there for you so use them.

  1. Reddit

This website is more of a self-controlled resource that allows you to vote for responses Check out AMAs (Ask Me Anything) where you can ask a certain person just about anything.

  1. The Medical School HQ Academy

At the Academy, we are your own premed advisor with monthly office hours featuring a video chat that allows you to ask questions and other people asking questions and help answer questions. We have a community forum that contains great discussions. It's  non-anonymous so it's a great environment. Go to jointheacademy.net today!

  1. YOU

Trust yourself. Trust your instincts and use the information you have to best figure out your path.

Here's one additional great resource:

Check out our partner magazine, www.premedlife.com to learn more about awesome premed information.

What resources have you used on your path? Share it with us and leave a comment.

Links and Other Resources:

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schools.studentdoctor.net for a database of questions on secondaries

Are you a nontraditional student? Go check out oldpremeds.org.

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Check out our partner magazine, www.premedlife.com to learn more about awesome premed information.

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  • Great overview of some solids resources, Ryan. I particularly like the one about using the people you know. Networking is underutilized in medicine. As a premed I think people are scared of asking their personal network for help because they are worried what people will think, they’re afraid of failure, or because it’s just plain uncomfortable.

    But as I like to tell people, get used to being uncomfortable because you’re going to have to stick your finger up a lot of literal and metaphorical butts along your path to medicine. My thoughts on the subject –> http://premedrevolution.com/prostate

  • Thank you for this list of resources. I have been following your website and tweets which are very informative and helpful.

    May I suggest one premed resource in the aspect of MCAT preparation? A good MCAT prep resource is The Gold Standard which has multimedia programs that premed students can choose from, depending on their study needs. Online courses, virtual classrooms, videos, practice tests, MCAT books and flashcards.

    For MCAT study tips I would suggest this blog “MCAT Tests, Premed GPAs and MCAT Scores” http://mcat-premed-mcat-scores.blogspot.com/

    Thank you.

  • Allison M

    This is a very helpful list of resources. I would also recommend https://www.codeblueessays.com/blog/ for helpful information on personal statements and applying to medical school.




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