Factoring Combat Medic Training into GPA for Med School

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OPM 212: Factoring Combat Medic Training into GPA for Med School

Session 212

Our medical school hopeful has received Advanced Individual Training to be a medic in the military. Do grades from this training affect their application?

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[01:20] OldPreMeds Question of the Week:

“Hi everyone. Been a long time listener. Today, I was listening to The Premed Years Podcast Episode 363 on a paramedic’s journey to medical school. In it, he had to submit his paramedic school grade on his medical school application. 

I am a 68w (Combat Medic/Healthcare Specialist), and I was wondering if I would have to submit my 68W AIT (tech school) grade for my medical school application. If so, would this grade factor into my GPA? I received a number grade in the course, and now I’m worried that this might drop my GPA.”

[02:07] Read the Instruction Manuals Very Carefully

Always go directly to the instruction manuals for AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS. The transcript part of the instruction manual is very important to look at to really parse each sentence whether it’s something you need to record or get transcripts for. And the answer is usually yes.

For instance, even if you went to a cosmetology school or any post-secondary education and you had grades for that school, that is going to have to add up on your medical school application. This is just an example. Again, read the instruction manual.

If you took any EMT course or a paramedic course, your grades have to go to your application. Even if it’s pass/fail, it’s going into your application.

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On the AMCAS application, for example, there are specific instructions for military training. Back to the question, you’re likely going to have to report those grades.

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[04:20] How It’s Going to Affect Your Overall GPA

It may affect your overall GPA a bit. Hopefully, you have a good upward trend after post-tech school to show you’ve overcome, you’ve improved, and you’re better.


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