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Common Medical School Interview Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Common Medical School Interview Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We discuss the common mistakes that he has seen during mock interviews with premed students. Learn from other's and be prepared for your med school interview!
Common Medical School Interview Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Premed Jobs, Gap Years, GPA, MCAT, and More (Q&A)

Premed collaboration at it's finest. We jumped on Blab to talk with premeds about their questions and struggles. We talked about the MCAT, GPA and so much more!

Premed’s Journey Through 2 Masters and a Baby

Ashley joins Ryan to talk about her dedicated path to medical school. Now a medical student, she overcame 2 cycles of rejection, 2 masters, and a baby!

Overcoming Obstacles on Her Way to Medical School

Ryan talk to Silvia about her LONG journey to medical school, including taking 11 years to complete her premed studies, battling depression and more! Listen now!

How NOT to Select a Medical School as a Premed

Ryan talks about his frustrations with how some premed students rank what medical schools they are applying to. He breaks down one of the more popular lists.

Calculating Premed GPA and other Listener Questions

Ryan answers questions that were sent in by listeners like you! Calculating your premed GPA, raising your GPA after you have graduated, and MCAT prep are some.

Major Changes at MSHQ and Some Premed Q&A

Ryan and Allison talk about some major changes in their lives which will affect the Medical School Headquarters. They also answer some premed questions!

Learning From a Successful 5 Year Premed Postbac Journey

Ryan is joined by Frank, who spent the last five years working full-time as an engineer, and working on his premed postbac. He starts med school this year!

From Yoga Instructor to Medical School Acceptance Letter

Melissa, a non-trad, shares her journey as a burnt out premed to yoga instructor and world traveler to gaining acceptance to medical school starting this year.