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Starting in 2015, pre med students that aspire to become physicians have to be more than prepared as the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has changed the Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. The updated test is known as the MCAT2015. The changes were made in response to the ever-changing health care system in order to better address the needs of the population. With that said, pre med students now face even greater pressure since their exam will differ greatly from those that took it before.

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  I'm an engineer living in the northeast with a wife and a beautiful baby boy. I recently got accepted to my state's medical school so I'll be starting next fall. To say I'm excited would be an understatement.

2013 MCAT Test Dates

The AAMC has updated the test dates for the newly changed 2013 MCAT. Keep reading below to find out how the AAMC is going to pay YOU for taking the test.

Medical School Scholarships: Get Paid to Study

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), the average debt facing medical school graduates in 2011 was $161,290. At the current professional student loan rate of 6.8%, you are looking at almost a quarter million dollars in total cost of medical school. The cost of tuition has gone up 50% over a 20 year period for private medical schools and 133% for public medical schools[1]. Paid over 10 years, the total price of the current average loan is $222,735. What are your plans to pay for this? A mortgage, a car payment and student loan payments, it is no surprise that doctors are struggling paying their loans.

Lowest Medical School Acceptance Rates – US News Data

The U.S. News is at it again! Unlike their other lists, this top 10 list is based on one simple FACTUAL number.

The new 2011 numbers are in (10 Medical Schools With the Lowest Acceptance Rates), and according the U.S. News, over 500,000 applications were submitted by an number of applicants (each applicant often applies to multiple schools, so the 500,000 applications, is not from 500,000 applicants).

Don’t Let the Computer Control Your Fate! Get Into Medical School

"What are my chances?" I see this everywhere I look on the SDN. Students post their MCAT® scores, their science GPA and cumulative GPA.  They talk about all the wonderful things in life they have done and how they've wanted to be a doctor since even before they remember. Unfortunately there is usually a sob story to these posts.  It usually involves tough circumstances which didn't allow them to study as much as they needed.  They only got a 26 on the MCAT®, a 3.3 GPA or some random combination of scores that they think now puts them out of the running for a chance at getting into medical school.

Top 10 Most Popular Medical Schools—What a Joke.

The US News has released their list of the 10 Most Popular Medical Schools for 2012. This article/list further proves some of the points I made about the Top Medical Schools lists.

The list of the 10 most popular medical schools was built from one piece of data - the percentage of accepted students that a medical school actually enrolled. The definition of popular is "liked, admired or enjoyed by many people." While at a glance it may seem that the higher percentage of students matriculating equals "popular," it most definitely is NOT the case.

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How to Complete the AMCAS Application: Step-by-Step Guide

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Premedical Advisors: What You Need to Know

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