Choosing Premed Colleges and Majors


A Medical Emergency Turned Former Teacher into a Premed

Brian shares his nontraditional path to medicine, which included teaching for 9 years before realizing that medicine was truly his calling.

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From Hating Anatomy to Finding His Path to an Acceptance

Ryan talks with Jimmy about his path to medicine, which started out as pre-nursing student and not liking studying the minutiae. He now has an acceptance!

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Why this Nontrad Helped Make a new MCAT Course

Elizabeth’s experience with the MCAT test prep companies left her wanting more, so she joined forces with medQuest to start an MCAT course!

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The MCAT Podcast and More on GPAs and Masters Degrees

Ryan clarifies an answer he gave on last weeks podcast to help drive home his message. Also an exciting announcement about The MCAT Podcast!

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Academically Dismissed to Medical School Acceptance

Kain started off on the wrong foot, and was academical dismissed. Listen to his story as he made up his mind to go back and finish school and become a doctor!

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How This Nontrad Got the Motivation to Return to be a Premed

Kristina wasn’t a great high school student, and didn’t do well in community college. She gave up her dream until she finally pushed and will be a med student!

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10 Acceptances to Medical School! This Nontrad Did it!

Jessica shares her nontraditional premed journey that started as an acting career. After a health scare with her dad, she rededicated herself to medicine.

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