Rocky Vista University Southern Utah Campus Secondary Application

Rocky Vista University Southern Utah Campus Secondary Essay Prompts

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These prompts are from the 2019 Application Cycle. 


  • If not currently in school, what have you been doing since you were a full-time student?
  • Were you employed during the regular school year (excluding summers) while in undergraduate school?
  • Why do you want to become an Osteopathic Physician?
  • Why do you wish to attend RVUCOM’s Utah Campus?
  • What unique characteristics, abilities, or skills will you bring to RVUCOM and the Osteopathic Profession?

Secondary Deadline: April 15, 2019
Secondary Fee: $60
FAP Waiver: Full Fee Waived
CASPer Required: No
Screens Applications: Yes
Accepts Application Updates:

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine Southern Utah Campus Mission:

To educate and inspire students to become highly competent osteopathic physicians and lifelong learners prepared to meet the diverse healthcare needs of tomorrow through innovative education, relevant research, and compassionate service.

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine Southern Utah Campus Vision:

  • RVUCOM promotes the incorporation of traditional osteopathic principles and philosophy with an emphasis on wellness, holistic care, and the integration of structure and function in all of its educational efforts.
  • RVUCOM promotes an educational model that provides an opportunity for success to its students and graduates by a) providing access to quality educators, clinicians, and researchers; b) the promotion of active learning by its students; and c) the encouragement of individual responsibility.
  • RVUCOM encourages life-long learning through its emphasis on developing educational skills and competency in its students along with the promotion of problem solving skills and an appreciation for scientific inquiry.
  • RVUCOM strives to graduate osteopathic physicians who are prepared to enter and succeed in all areas or disciplines of graduate medical education.
  • RVUCOM promotes the advancement and distribution of medical knowledge through its support of research and scholarly activity by its faculty, staff, and students.
  • RVUCOM strives to prepare physicians dedicated to improving access to quality, competent, and timely healthcare for all, with an emphasis on developing primary care physicians to improve medical access for at-risk and rural populations, provide public service and advance public health.
  • RVUCOM strives to provide a curriculum and learning environment that will integrate a strong foundation of medical knowledge with the professional, cultural, and ethical traits desired in its students and graduates. 
  • RVUCOM strives for excellence in all its activities and is dedicated to being a leader in the osteopathic
    profession and in its community.

Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine Southern Utah Campus Values:

  • Integrity
  • Collegiality
  • Compassion
  • Diversity
  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Innovation

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