University of Louisville Secondary Application

University of Louisville Secondary Essay Prompts

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These prompts are from the 2021 Application Cycle and are unchanged from the previous cycle.

All prompts have a 500 character limit. 


  • If you are an out of state student, please explain your interest in attending the University of Louisville School of Medicine. | How to Answer Secondary Prompts about “Why Us”
  • How well did your high school prepare you for college?
  • What determined your choice of college(s)?
  • How do you assess your college record?
  • Please describe any circumstances adversely affecting your academic performance.
  • Please discuss your research experience, including any publications and/or curriculum vitae.
  • Foreign Travel
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Describe any other areas in which you possess interest, expertise or skill. E.g., musicianship of a professional caliber, published writing, language spoken fluently, union level in trades, certification in other professional areas, scouting, etc. (Maximum of 500 characters)
  • What career(s) would you probably consider if you could not be a physician? } How to Write About Career Changes in Your Secondary Essays
  • How do you see yourself practicing medicine after residency training? (Please include choice of medical practice and location) | How To Answer Secondary Prompts About The Future
  • Discuss briefly why you have decided to pursue a M.D. degree program.

Primary Deadline: November 1, 2021
Secondary Deadline
: Unknown (Try to turn your secondaries around within two weeks after receiving)
Secondary Fee: $75
FAP Waiver: Full Fee Waived
CASPer Required: No
VITA Required: Yes
Screens Applications: Yes
Accepts Application Updates: No

University of Louisville School of Medicine Mission:

Our mission is to improve the health of our patients and our communities through excellence and leadership in education, clinical care, research, and community engagement.