Medical Spanish Podcast Host Molly Martin

A Non-traditional Premed Turned Medical Spanish Podcaster!

Dr. Molly Martin didn't really know she wanted to be a physician until later in undergrad. Listen to her journey, which includes a love for the latino culture.
Shadowing Abroad as a Premed with Gap Medics

Shadowing Abroad as a Premed with Gap Medics

Ricky from stops by to discuss what shadowing abroad can do for the premed and what experiences are available. We discuss travel, safety and more.

If Doctors Can’t Be Doctors, Why Bother Being Premed?

Ryan and Allison discuss a very disturbing article on KevinMD from a physician who seems disgruntled with the healthcare system. We talk about why we disagree!
6 Tips for Improving Patient Communication (the 6th Is Key!)

6 Tips for Improving Patient Communication (the 6th Is Key!)

Improving patient communication, whether as a premed or medical student or beyond is the number one skill that you can start working on now with real benefits!

Here Comes 2015 – Big Things to Come for All!

Ryan and Allison discuss what they are looking forward to in 2015 and what you can do as a premed and medical student to prepare yourself!

Medical School Headquarters 2014 Year in Review

Ryan talks about some of his favorite highlights from 2014, including some awesome download numbers from the podcast and visitors to the website.

Overcoming a DUI on His Way to Med School

Ryan now has an acceptance to medical school, but as a premed, that wasn't always a sure thing. With several alcohol related incidents, he needed to change!
Crucial Premed Tips for Preparing for Medical School

Preparing for Medical School as a Premed Student

As a premed, you think you are king of the hill. Then medical school hits and you realize you are average! Then in practice you realize there is more to learn!

Osteopathic Medicine and the Path for one DO with 4 Kids!

Dr. Anita Showalter began her undergrad career as a nursing student. After some twists and turns, ultimatley decided that being a physician was what she wanted!

The Intersection of Medicine, Social Media and Technology

Dr. Bryan Vartabedian from joins us to discuss how premeds, medical students and physicians need to take advantage of their online presence