The University of Texas at Austin Dell Secondary Application

The University of Texas at Austin Dell Secondary Essay Prompts

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  • In an effort to give a greater number of applicants the opportunity to present themselves to Dell Med’s admissions team, the school uses a unique video secondary application. If selected for further consideration, the applicant receives an email invitation with details on how to prepare and submit the video through a free online portal. The secondary application consists of questions that address specific aspects of the school’s mission. In a two-minute response for each question, the candidate speaks to how their experiences will help them contribute to this work. The priority deadline for the secondary application is Dec. 15; the application will be reviewed only after the secondary application is submitted.

    Candidates who feel they would represent themselves better in a written format are given the opportunity to request a written version of the secondary application.

Primary Deadline: Usually around Nov 1st
Secondary Deadline: Usually around Nov 15th
Secondary Fee:
FAP Waiver:
Casper Required: No
PREview Required: No
Screens Applications: Yes
Accepts Application Updates: Yes

The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Mission:

Revolutionize how people get and stay healthy by:

  • Improving health in our community as a model for the nation;
  • Evolving new models of person-centered, multidisciplinary care that reward value;
  • Accelerating innovation and research to improve health;
  • Educating leaders who transform health care; and
  • Redesigning the academic health environment to better serve society.

The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Vision:

A vital, inclusive health ecosystem:

  • Vital: Vigorous, animated, full of life and energy, dynamic
  • Inclusive: Open to everyone
  • Ecosystem: The complex of a community and its environment functioning as a system