University of California, Davis Secondary Application

University of California, Davis Secondary Application

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Prompts have been updated June 2023. (Older essays, if available are below)


  • Discuss any elements of your application that you feel might be concerning to the Admissions Committee (This could include explanation of metric trends, institutional actions, legal violations, etc.) Please enter N/A if no concerns to report. (500 characters)
  • Do you have a connection to Northern or Central California? [yes/no] Please explain (500 characters)
  • Rural-PRIME: Are you interested in applying to the Rural-PRIME program? [yes/no] Please describe how your experiences with rural communities make you a good fit for the Rural-PRIME program. (500 characters)
  • Rural-PRIME: Describe your future plans to serve a rural underserved community. (500 characters)

Required for TEACH-MS applicants:

  • TEACH-MS: Are you interested in applying to the TEACH-MS program? [yes/no] Please tell us what experiences have shaped your desire to be a primary care physician in urban underserved communities. (500 characters)

Required for ACE-PC applicants:

  • ACE-PC: Are you interested in applying to the ACE-PC? [yes/no] Please tell us what attributes or experiences would make you a good fit for an accelerated program in primary care. (500 characters)

Required for REACH applicants:

  • REACH: Are you interested in applying to the REACH program? [yes/no] Please tell us about your ties to Central California and what you have done, or plan to do, to make a positive change in Central California. (500 characters)

Required for Tribal Health PRIME applicants:

  • Tribal Health PRIME: Are you interested in applying to the Tribal Health PRIME? [yes/no] What experiences have you had with rural and/or underserved communities/populations? More specifically, what involvement have you had with tribal communities/populations? (500 characters)

Required for ARC-MD applicants:

  • ARC-MD: Are you interested in applying to ARC-MD? [yes/no] Academic Research Careers for Medical Doctors (ARC-MD) is a five (5) year honors pathway that mentors students who envision a career as research faculty in a medical school or who want to use research and quality improvement methods to improve health in their community. These students are drawn from diverse backgrounds and committed to research as a foundational aspect of their career. That research may include basic-translational research, clinical-translational research, community engaged research, or policy and advocacy. Prior research experience or related activity as an undergraduate is preferred. Tell us about how you could see yourself as a faculty of the future and how biomedical research will play a role in your career as currently envisioned.” (500 characters)


  • At UC Davis School of Medicine, we realize that each applicant brings diversity and perspective from a broad range of experiences. In this section, we give you the opportunity to describe in detail the 3 extracurricular activities or experiences that have been most influential in leading you to a career in medicine. We realize that many applicants have identified key experiences in the main application. However, some do not and others identify less than 3. We apologize for any redundancy – feel free to reproduce the comments from your Primary application and expand on them as appropriate.Briefly describe this activity and its significance. How did it prepare you for a medical career? Include any supporting information (e.g., your contribution to the project or accomplishment as well as links to any publication, etc.).

Primary Deadline: Usually around Oct 1st
Secondary Deadline:
Usually around Jan 31st
Secondary Fee: $120
FAP Waiver: Full Fee Waived
Casper Required: No
PREview Required: Yes
Screens Applications: Yes
Accepts Application Updates: No

University of California, Davis School of Medicine Mission:

To provide excellent learner-centered education to a diverse body of medical students and graduate students; cultivating in them the passion to improve lives and transform the health of the communities they will serve as physicians, scientists and health care leaders.


University of California, Davis Secondary Application