New York University-Long Island Secondary Application

New York University-Long Island Secondary Essay Prompts

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These prompts are from the 2020 Application Cycle. 

All prompts have a 500-word limit. 


  • Please indicate which specialty you are interested in applying for (Please choose one):
  • Please indicate your reasons for choosing this particular field. Please demonstrate for our admission committee how your previous health-related and non-health-related experiences and your personal attributes helped inform your decision.
  • Applicants have occasionally had to overcome significant adversities in their lives. Our admission committee would be most interested not only in hearing about how you overcame such an adversity, but also how doing so helped you succeed. (Optional)
    How to Write About Your Obstacles, Challenges, and Problems in your Secondary Essays
  • Please comment on any significant fluctuations in your academic record, or other application irregularities, not already addressed elsewhere. (Optional)
    How to Write About Red Flags in Your Secondary Essays

Secondary Deadline: Unknown

Secondary Fee: $110.00
FAP Waiver: Yes, Full Fee Waived
CASPer Required: No
Screens Applications: No
Accepts Application Updates: 

New York University Long Island School of Medicine Mission:

This school currently does not have a mission, vision, or values listed. 

New York University-Long Island Secondary Application





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